How to Draw Caricature Eyes

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Caricatures are replications of real objects with exaggerated features. Draw caricature eyes with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Erik and I'm going to show you how to draw caricature eyes. Okay let's start, there's a large variety of eyes you can draw for these. Let's start out with some that look surprised. Let's see, going to come up here, draw a lady's eyes so there's going to be some eyelashes and then with a surprise you just want little tiny pupils. Let's make some triangular ones, eyelashes, little tiny pupils. Okay now let's do some more droopier eyes here, let's see, come down, some eyelashes again, come around, kind of sunken back eyes. Draw here, come down and then around, eyelashes. Okay, now let's do just some more masculine eyes here, just more kind of almond shaped ones, great big cartoony irises here and some pupils, circular highlights and there's a lot of different ones you can do. Let's do some tired looking male ones, come down, around kind of like that, come up and around and let's do the same on the other side, come down and around, come up, up like that and then more sunken back. You could add droops to the bottom and tired looking and then add some darkness there and that is how you draw caricature eyes.


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