How to Draw the Goddess Artemis

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The Goddess Artemis is typically depicted in a very specific way. Draw the Goddess Artemis with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm my name is Erik. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw Artemis, the Roman Goddess of the hunt. Okay let's start by drawing her head right up here which is just going to be an oval and let's give her a neck and then we're just going to show a little bit of her shoulders and the Roman Gods and Goddesses they wore a lot of robes so let's get into drawing the robe and he robe is going to go down and it's going to flow quite a bit down on the bottom and we'll add more detail to that in a moment but let's draw her arms, give her little hands, draw her other arm. I'm going to leave the end of that one open because I'm going to add a little bit to that in a bit. Let's add just this little second fringe to her robe there and let's add let's see some feet, a little bit of legs and feet and robes usually go with bare feet or sandals. We're going to give her bare feet right now, draw her little toes. Okay, now let's give her a face, about half way in the head is going to be her eyes, halfway down from that give her a nose and give her a mouth. She's female so give her a pretty feminine mouth there. Give her some eyebrows, some ears which are about eye level and then let's give her some hair here. Start out with some bigger hair and then add a second plume of it in the back and give her a hair band here, add a little bit of frill to that. Okay since she's the Goddess of war or the Goddess of the hunt let's give her a bow which is one of her symbols and with the hand here, make it open and start with that side. Now let's give the bow a string, fill out the rest of her hand there, let's give the bow a little bit more, fill it out a little bit, now let's fill out the wrinkles in her robe quickly which is just giving it a line texture, draw downwards, it's flowing downward with some folds there. And for her bow let's give her quiver with some arrows in it and that is how you draw Artemis, the Roman Goddess of the hunt.


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