How to Draw a Jagged Monster

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Drawing a jagged monster is a great way to unleash your imagination on paper. Draw a jagged monster with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jessica and I'm an artist. And today we are going to draw a jagged monster. So our jagged monster is going to have these sort of big arms that are going to come out. And when you, when I think of the word jagged I think of this sort of diagonal lines that create a jagged edge. So our jagged monster is going to have these jagged arms that are going to come down. And then we are going to give him just kind of normal hands I think. You know monsters have to do stuff too. So we'll give him these kind of normal hands. But then we'll put jagged edges on the other side. So basically his arms are just totally jagged. And then he's going to have a jagged head. He won't have much of a neck. Let's just give him a big jagged head, it's kind of jagged like that. Give him eyes, we'll make him kind of like squarish eyes and a jagged mouth. Just lots of jagged lines. Basically with your jagged monster you can do all this stuff that you would normally do to draw a normal monster but you just use jagged lines. So here's his jagged body torso. And he's going to have these jagged legs that are going to come down. Jagged. And our monster has kind of you know he's kind of almost, he almost looks like a man but he's a monster. He's got jagged feet. Lets give him some kind of jagged looking feet here. I mean he looks like a guy I would not want to touch with my hands cause it might poke me. We'll give him some jags, just like random jags around his body just to kind of show he's pointy. He's kind of almost like a porcupine. If you touch him you might get a splinter. And there you go. That is how you draw a jagged monster.


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