How to Draw a Muscle Person

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When drawing a muscle person the way you depict those muscles is key. Find out how to draw a muscle person with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jessica and I'm an artist. And today we are going to draw a muscle person. So to start we are going to draw the head. The head is usually pretty tiny and there's like no muscles on the head. But then that's the only place. Everywhere else we are going to put muscle. So we are going to start with these big kind of shoulder muscles that come out behind the head. And then the muscles sort of start folding out from there. So the arms are going to come out like so. And the way that you would illustrate this is just keep putting muscles on top of muscles basically. The chest is going to, has like these big muscles underneath. And that's going to come down to this kind of tiny little stomach. And of course they've got these really sort of built pec muscles. And then we are going to add some muscles into the stomach area in the same kind of way. It's these very ripped muscles everywhere. And then there's not really much in the waist area going on but the hips we are going to put like tons of muscles on the legs. We are going to do this muscles upon muscles action here. And then their hands don't really have too many muscles on them, just regular hands. And their legs basically so this guy is like wearing a pair of shorts I guess. Lets make him wearing a little pair of shorts. And he's got these, these ripped muscles. These are his calves. Those are his thighs and then from his thighs he has these like totally ripped calves. And lets have him wearing a pair of sneakers. He's wearing a pair of sneakers there. And anywhere else we can fit any muscles in here? I think that's a lot of muscles. This guy is totally muscley. Lets give him a little face. A little set of kind of muscular eyes, and nose, and a mouth. And we'll give him some short hair. And some ears. And lets have him holding a weight in his hand cause he is just like, he just likes to workout all the time. So it will be like a 10 pound weight. And that is how you draw a muscle person.


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