How to Draw a Snapping Crocodile

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A snapping crocodile is a great way to practice drawing something a little vicious. Draw a snapping crocodile with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw a snapping crocodile. So this snapping crocodile has a real nice curve to his body. He's got this nice big line that comes around and over on this end of his body is going to be his crocodile head with the snapping action, where that's going to take place. So you're just going to do a little piece here, that's where his head is going to go and we're going to make him some nice big jaws. These jaws are open and ready for action. So he's got this kind of a little bit of a snout here that comes in and a little bit of a part that comes up like that for where his jaw can open and then we're going to do the bottom. So basically there's kind of a, that's going to be the curve of where his teeth are going to go in a minute and then there's another bottom part that's also snapping and that's going to come around and connect to his neck here, which is kind of open. So basically he's got all these teeth right? He's got them on each side of the top and the bottom, all these mean mean teeth. So draw these teeth. You can just do kind of these spike type things. Everybody knows these are teeth right? They look pretty gnarly. You definitely don't want those to come into contact with your skin. So he's got just a little tiny eyeball, just a little tiny crocodile eye, that's what they usually have, just these little eyes here and then the crocodile has got these little tiny legs that come down and his body kind of has this little kind of a belly and then he's got this back leg that comes out. They've got these interesting little legs and then he has this long kind of very powerful tail and he also has a leg on the other side but we can't really see that. He also has a lot of these kind of jagged pieces on his back, his sort of crocodile texture. You don't have to get too too detailed with them, people can see, they know what's going on, they know that these lines are the crocodile's back and texture and then it goes down the tail. And then they have these kind of points that come down. So this crocodile as you can see, his mouth is open. It should be implied that he is going to put food in there and to stay away from him. And that is how you draw a snapping crocodile.


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