How to Draw a Detailed Fallen Angel

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Fallen angels are typically depicted in a very specific way. Find out how to draw a detailed fallen angel with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Jessica, and I'm an artist. And today, we're going to draw a fallen angel. So, basically, the first thing we're going to start with is the angel, and this angel's going to have his arms just stretched out in, you know, this kind of agonizing pose. And, when you draw something, anything that you want to draw action, you should generally kind of have this line at least in mind, if not on the page, of what's going to happen. So, we're going to do this angel. His arms are kind of outstretched. Since this is more detailed, we're going to start with the framework, and then we're going to get a little more detailed from there. So, we got our line here. This angel's falling from the sky. It's got, you know, kind of a muscular physique here, and legs outstretched in a sort of falling pose. With the feet, the feet are kind of falling here. And, it's got, like, this kind of maybe long hair, and maybe a mouth that's open. His eyes are kind of closed. And, he's got these very large wings. That's the most important part of the fallen angel. They've got these really big, dramatic wings that are spread out here. And, he is just falling from the sky, so, here's the clouds, and he's just falling. So, okay, now we are going to get a little bit more in detail here. We're going to clean this up a little bit. So, it's a good idea to draw anything you want to do in detail with pencil, so that you can erase and fix the lines as you go. Luckily for me, I have this nifty little erase board, so I can go in and erase some of these formulative lines. I can do a little bit more detail now. I can add a nose. I can add a little bit of hair. And, go into a detail on the wings. Put a little bit of texture in here, like so, on each side. And, maybe come through the body at a little bit more in the line of pectoral muscles, chest, little bit of maybe a bellybutton here, maybe a, sort of a pair of pants or something. And, that is how you draw a detailed fallen angel.


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