How to Draw a Spinning Top

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Drawing a spinning top is a great way to work with perceived motion in your images. Learn how to draw a spinning top with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a spinning top. A spinning top is a child's toy. It has a knob on the top that you use to spin it with. I'm just drawing it like that and I'm making the whole thing at an angle. You could even draw a diagonal line. It's a gyroscope or a gyroscopic action which is like spinning and it keeps itself up by that, so the shape is round, the top is like an oval and then they can be all different kinds of shapes but this one comes down to a point like that. You could sort of take the end off there and it is symmetrical and they can be all different kinds of shapes but they usually have something that you can use to spin them at the top and a lot of the time they will have like a rainbow design or a spiral design around them because while they spin it looks cool. The colors all blend together and you know, look like they're moving and create all kinds of optical illusions so I'm just going to put some bands of color. This top, and that also will cover up that center access that we drew to show that it's spinning a little bit on its side which they do. So I'm just drawing in these bands. The whole bottom is going to be like all one color like this and then the top is going to be like this and we'll just color it in like that. Okay so that's the top and to show that it is spinning, I put some motion lines like this and they're just sort of outlining around the shape of the top. You can put some up here. You could even make them arrows if you wanted and that shows that the top is spinning and that is how I draw a spinning top.


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