How to Draw a Wood Building

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When drawing a wood building you'll want to take great care to accurately replicate the grain of the wood. Draw a wood building with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a wood building. So, the wood building that I am going to draw is a log cabin. And that's like a little house made out of logs that are stacked. And logs are wood, so I'm going to start with the roof. And I'm just doing like a simple roof, sort of triangular roof shape. And that's just like that. And then I do some vertical lines on the side, just like a little pouch shape. And I put a door, going to put it right in the middle. Put a doorknob and a window on either side, and maybe a little round window up here. And then I'm going to draw in the logs which are lines going across. And I'm drawing it in as though it was one continuous log there. And then there's more lines for the logs. And then you can just keep going up with it. These, these are just logs. And I'm just going all the way up with that log cabin. And they have like little round things. You can round them off here, just to make it clear that it's logs and not clappers, which are also wood usually. And then I'm going to put in a chimney. And the chimney is going to be made of stone. So, just draw this in with circles, overlapping circles, sort of a masonry texture. And they're having a little fire in there, so there is some smoke. And do some grass. I'm just drawing that in. And if you wanted to you could even color in the windows just to show that they're there. And that is how I draw a wood building.


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