How to Draw Tiger-Striped Kittens

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Tiger-striped kittens are as fun to draw as they are adorable. Learn how to draw tiger-striped kittens with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie, and I'm an artist. And, I'm going to show you how to draw tiger-striped kittens. So, to make the tiger-striped kitten, I'm just going to make, like, a little kitten body. Oh, I'm starting with the head. And, I'm just doing his eyes, and he's got a little kitten nose. Kittens are a baby cat, so. They're just like a cat, but rounder and smaller. So, he's got little front paws. And, let's do some other front paws with the toes. And, there's his hind paw sticking out. Kittens are all roly poly and awkward and stuff. Super cute. Anyway, I'm just drawing in this kitten to show you the - there's the tail - show you the - his head's really big - but, to show you the tiger stripe pattern. So, kittens have, like a little bit less of a defined stripe pattern than would their adult counterpart. So, I'm just sort of sketching it in lightly. And another. The name for a tiger stripe cat is typically a tabby - is the name for that style of markings. I'm just sort of drawing them in as if it was a fur texture. And, they have rings around the tail, and there's, like, stripes here. Sometimes, they have a sort of eyeliner stripe around their eyes. And then, they'll have, like, a little bit of stripes here. And, little bit here. Let's give him a little. And, their ears could be, like, sort of tipped darker. And, a little bit more across here. And then, the belly's sort of white. And, you just get those stripes in there. The stripe could come back - the eye stripe. That is how I draw a tiger-striped kitten.


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