How to Draw a Lunch Room

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A lunch room is a large room where people gather to eat meals. Draw a lunch room with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a lunch room. So, a lunch room is a cafeteria which is where people eat at school or at work. I'm drawing an oval which is a round table, OK. And I;m going to draw some chair shapes pulled up to the table. So, that's one and here's another. Just drawing in some chairs. I'm not doing the greatest job, but you get the idea of some chairs. Lunch room tables usually have lots of chairs. There's the base of the round table. And I'm going to put in some trays. Just making rectangles in front of where the chairs are. And you could put some plates on there. It's just real simple. And I'm drawing in the back wall and a line could be the corner. And then I'm going to draw in the theme table which is just a rectangle, long rectangle, it's you know, a counter with the food in it. And I do that like that. And then here's the, just some rectangles in there that are the food trays, you know, where you would get your food. And there's just like a little thing over it with a light, like that. And you know, you could put like different kinds of foods in there. I'm just using different colors to represent the different food. Maybe this is like spinach, cream spinach or something. And this could be like banana pudding, like the desert. And here is maybe like some carrots. And lunch rooms have like posters on the walls sometimes. Ooh, that one's dry. They have posters on the walls sometimes, you know saying like, eat healthy. I'm just writing that in. And then there'll like a picture of fruit. I'm drawing in a banana, and an apple. And it could also have like a, you could do in like a checker board floor pattern. I'm just doing that by making, crossing lines parallel to the side walls. And you could fill that in however you want. And that's how to draw a lunch room.


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