How to Draw a Prairie

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A prairie is a type of large, grass-filled area. Learn how to draw a prairie with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm and artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw a prairie. A prairie is like a grass land area. I'm just drawing a long horizon that's usually sort of flat and it's just covered with grass, flowers and stuff. So I'm just drawing in a grass texture.. I generally send the grass sort of in one direction as if there were some wind blowing. It can get pretty windy on the prairie. You can put some trees in the background. I'm just doing some real simple ones Sometimes there are like hills or mountains in the background but sometimes there aren't. And so I'm just drawing in this prairie made out of grass. And I'm going to put a, one of the most famous residents of a prairie is of course the classic prairie dog. So I'm just going to draw a prairie dog peeking up. They have a, sort of upright posture, with little paws like that. Real simple. Cute. And lets put a sun. The sun shines brightly on the prairie when it's sunny.. And lets put just a couple clouds. It's a pretty clear day. And there's a snake. Lets put a snake here, because there are snakes in the grass. And there he is. He's just coiled up getting some son. There's his eye. And some flowers. There's lots of flowers on the prairie. Bunches and bunches of different kinds. And there could also be a tumbleweed. A tumbleweed is a bush that sort of looks like this. It's just basically like a ball of sticks. And they break loose and role around on prairies. And they just, they're just scrubby little bushes like that. And that's how I draw a prairie.


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