How to Draw Mist

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Mist is an atmospheric effect that basically represents the thickening of the air. Draw mist with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw mist. So mist is actually kind of hard to draw because it's basically an atmospheric effect which means it's sort of a thickening of the air and it causes things to look more faint cause it's just like as if the air became a little bit opaque so I'm drawing a valley with mountains in the way background and there's mist settled into the valley so here's, here are the mountains I'm just drawing them in the background so you can have some background and this is the top of the mist and it's just the way you can see that it's there is I'm going to draw in the tops of the trees that are in the valley and they're like evergreen trees and they're going to fade into the mist if you can see that, how they're sort of fading into the mist and there's another one, it's in the foreground. Mist gets thicker as it goes further back it's, it's atmospheric so you can see it, I'm making it fade down into the mist and I'm just drawing in the tops of these trees and then I'm like fading them into the mist cause the very tippy tops are sticking out of this mist. In this valley let's make the mountains a little bit green, in the background put some trees on them and we'll just leave them and have this fade into the mist, put another one so basically mist is implied by what it's doing to the things in the landscape so this is the, the mist. It could be like rolling in too but basically and I could put some land in the foreground too, to show the valley. You have mist gathers in low, low lying areas, here's a big tree in the foreground just fading into that mist, the top's sticking out and then the mist is just obscuring it, so you have to kind of use your imagination to see this but hopefully it's clear and that's how I draw mist.


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