How to Draw 3D Buttons

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3D just means using the depth of space so you can see an object foreshortened. Draw 3D buttons with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist. And I'm going to show you how to draw 3D buttons. So there's a couple of different kinds of buttons. And 3D just means using the depth of space so you can see it maybe foreshortened. I'm drawing like a button like that would be on your clothes. And I just made an oval and then I'm putting four smaller ovals that are the holes of the button. And then I'm drawing sort of a ridge here cause it's rounded. And that's like one kind of button. Another view could be like that. And some buttons are like that and they have two holes only. It looks like a smiley face. And you could put some thread through there if it was sewn on to a garment say, you know the edge of a jacket. And there's also like, there's also a kind of button that's like a button you press. And I'm doing that like that. And it's in a little housing. And that might be on like a panel and have a bunch of them. That kind of looks like a hat. But you know one could be red and lit up. And another one could be lets say green. I'm just coloring it in and that one is lit up too. And that might be on some kind of a display panel. Or like the front of a robot or something. But it's 3D cause it's going back into space. And that's how I draw 3D buttons.


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