How to Draw Fantasy Landscapes

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Drawing a fantasy landscape is a great way to show people what your imagination can really do. Draw fantasy landscapes with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist. And I'm going to show you how to draw fantasy landscapes. So I'm going to start with some cliffs. A landscape is sort of an outdoor scene. And fantasy well we know what that is. And I'm going to put these sort of cliffs in. And I'm going to put little trees. Fantasy landscape means you can make it up the stuff you know. So I'm just going to have some trees. These trees are pretty you know with a familiar a shape. Just making like a trunk and stuff. And I'm going to put some water here. There's water in between these cliffs. And I'm just going to have the water go around this bottom of these sort of cliffs. And I'm going to put a big sun in the sky. This is like a sort of you know it's a fantasy, it's another planet I guess. And I'm going to put another sun. This planet has two suns so they are both sort of setting there. And I'm going to put a flying horse to the fantasy creature. And he's just flying. There's his other wing. And I'm just putting him in there, throwing him in. It's a fantasy so you can put whatever you want. And it's a flying horse or a Pegasus they are sometimes called. And there's also going to be a dragon sticking his head up out of the water. And I'm just drawing his long neck and his claws. His front legs are coming up out of the water. And there's his head. He has a big open dragon mouth and he's got spines along his back. And he's just like leaping up out of the water. And I can put like maybe an elf over here on the land. Maybe he has a cat face and a little dress. And I'm going to put some stars in the sky too. And that's how I draw a fantasy landscape.


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