How to Draw Realistic Cornrows

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When drawing realistic cornrows you're going to have to draw the head of a person. Draw realistic cornrows with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist an I'm going to show you how to draw realistic cornrows. So I'm going to start with the face, the head of the person, he's going to have the cornrows and that's just an oval and I'm just drawing that in. Okay, and this is going to be a woman, I'm going to put in her face, I'm just drawing in some facial features, eyes, some eyelashes, a nose, and some lips, and I'm going to put in her ears here and then to start the cornrows I'm just going to sort of sketch in a hairline where they're going to be and I'm going to have them going, I'm going to draw them in sort of sausage shapes like this coming straight back. Cornrows can be so many different styles, it's just basically like tiny little French braids, little braids that hug the scalp so I'm just doing it like that and then there's just going to start to be some coming in the other direction like that and I'm just putting that down to there and then the braids themselves continue down as braids. I'm going to draw in her neck, a little collar and then the braids come like this and they can have beads on them, that's sort of an old seventies style but you still see it sometimes. They'll have beads on the ends of the braids and let's put another braid in there. They certainly don't have to have them, I just think it looks nice and then I'm going to put in some detail into the cornrows themselves, you can just put Xs, I'm making like a basket weave kind of just to show the shape of the braids, make it more realistic, give it some texture. You can just sort of sketch in some x's and cross hatching. I'm just sketching it in, we're going to put some earrings on, some pupils and just sketch in the hair texture. The more time you spend on it the more realistic it will look and that's how I draw realistic cornrows.


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