How to Draw Hunt Scenes

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Drawing a hunting scene allows you to draw both people and animals. Learn how to draw hunt scenes with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rosalie and I'm an artist. And I'm going to show you how to draw a hunt scene. So a hunt scene is where people, it's depicting a hunt. Hunting an animal. Doing sort of a horse in here cause this is going to be a horseback hunt scene. The horse is like just sort like jumping over something. And he's being ridden by the hunter. I'm drawing in the hunter's leg, he's got riding boots on. And he's got like a riding jacket. There's his arm. The front of his jacket, his hand. Putting in the horse's bridle. When you go horseback hunting a lot of the time you braid the horse's mane up into like little braids like that. So it doesn't get in the way I guess. And there's his head. He's got a riding hat on. It looks like a baseball hat but it's filled in. And there's his hair. And nose and mouth. There's the saddle and the stirrup, the horse equipment. The tack it's called. So there's the hind legs of the horse. Apparently like the thrill of the hunt is something having to do with like chasing an animal and hunting it. So this, and then there's, this hunt also has dogs. So it's like this mounted hunter and then these like little beagle dogs. And they're all in fully outstretched in a run too. And they run right around the horses. I'm just drawing a dog. I'm putting a spot on his back. His ears are flying out behind him. And I'll put another one. There can be like I don't know even like 20 of these kind of dogs pack. And so I'm just putting a few of them in. Coloring in the back. And then it's like the whole thing is happening in a beautiful sort of semi wooded area. I'm putting in a tree. I'm just drawing in the trunk and then some branches like sticking out. And sort of a cloud shape. And you can put as many of those in as you want. And lets say it's a sunny day, you can put the sun in. And put some bushes and some brush. And put a cloud in. It's a nice day that's why they decided to go hunting. And that's how I draw a hunt scene.


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