How to Draw an Elliptical

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An elliptical requires you to draw a series of overlapping ovals. Draw an elliptical with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky, and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw an elliptical. We're going to start off with an oval. So draw a large oval. Then on the inside, another oval in the center. You can shade that in. And then one more oval, a thinner line on the inside. A little bit smaller than the outside oval. Once you have that, we're going to start with the top here and the bottom, and meet at a point, a rounded point to make a rounded triangle shape. Like that. Now we're going to start up on the top here. Draw a line out a little bit and then down following this line. Coming down to that point again. And we'll shade that in a little bit. And then from this point, we're going to draw a line straight up curving in a little bit. And then closing off up there. And then down following the same line. And then shade that in. And at the top here, we're going to draw the monitor which is going to be a square that sits on top of this piece. And after we add that, we can draw our handles. We'll start by drawing a line coming down here, curving, and then curving one more time. Come down to this point. And then go a little further out and draw the exact same line following the shape and then coloring that in. And then we'll draw our second handle behind the monitor here. Same shape, curving out and then curving in, and then going down. Then we're going to draw a cylinder in the middle here that connects those handles to this piece in the center here. Then we're going to draw our step. We're going to draw a rectangle following the line that we drew earlier and lines in the middle and then make it 3D. Line down, then parallel line, diagonal, shade those in. And we're just going to connect to this wheel here. The oval we drew in the beginning. So we'll just draw this thin rectangle connecting that. And we might see a little bit of the step in the back. And lastly we'll draw a cylinder coming out in the back and then two rectangles coming out in the front for the base. And that is how you draw an elliptical. Thank you for watching and keep on watching.


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