How to Draw Microscopes

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Microscopes are used to let people see things so small the human eye normally couldn't. Draw microscopes with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw a microscope. Going to start off by drawing a cylinder for the eye piece on top. A small cylinder. And then underneath it, a larger cylinder for a piece called the tube. And then underneath that, a smaller cylinder, smaller than the top one for the lens. So you have your eye piece, the tube, and the lens. We can shade some of these in. Shade that one all the way. Shade the side of this one. And we'll shade the side of this one. Eye piece, tube and lens. Next, there's a piece that curves out and down, and this piece is called the arm. So you're going to follow this same curve for the outside and curve down. We'll finish that one off in a little bit. But go back over here. We're going to draw a 3D cylinder for the stage. It's called the stage where you put the object that you're looking at. So a straight line across, diagonal lines parallel for the sides, and then straight line across connecting. Straight line down, and then follow this diagonal line. Same thing for this side. And we'll shade the side and the front. And on top of the stage, there are two clips. Straight line, straight line horizontal for your two clips. And back to the arm, we'll see a little bit of the inside. So we'll draw another curved line on the inside here, and we'll shade that in really quick. And on top of the arm here, we're going to draw two circles, different sizes, for your focus knobs. We'll draw a large one here and a small one underneath it. And shade those in a little bit. And then at the bottom of the arm here, where the stage rests on top of, we're going to draw a small cylinder piece. And at the bottom of the arm here, we're going to draw a straight line out for the base of your microscope. Straight line up, and then across. And then underneath the stage here, you're going to draw yet another cylinder for the illuminator, is what it's called, and then maybe a power source connected to this. And we'll have a cord coming out. And then behind this you can see the other part of the base. The base is kind of shaped like a horseshoe. So this side would come out over here, and curve around that way. And that is it. Sometimes you'd have other lenses that are connected up here so you can switch out lenses pretty quick. So we could just draw an oval with some cylinders coming out. And that'll do it. That is how you draw a microscope. Thank you for watching, and keep on drawing.


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