How to Draw a Hummer Limo

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If a regular hummer isn't large enough for your needs, a hummer limo will certainly do just fine. Learn how to draw a hummer limo with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw a hummer limp. I'm going to start off with the windshield. We're going to draw a diagonal line down and a line across on top and then another diagonal line parallel to this one and then connect. Now that is our windshield and then from here we're going to draw the hood, with a line going down here, curved slightly at the end, go down and across, parallel to this and we'll draw a line across on top of here and once we're at this point, we're going to turn and go this way a little bit. We'll come in here and draw a rectangle for the grill and we'll put our lights in there too. So we'll draw a square, a square and draw lines throughout to finish off the grill. Then we'll draw a line on here, curve up, one here as well to finish off the good and we'll come down here and draw the bumper, curve out slightly and then draw, start to draw a rectangle and then curve, go out this way and then go up and this is where our first tire is going to be. So we can shade this in a little bit. We'll put a rectangle in here for the license plate and shade in around it. Okay, then we'll go up top, start to draw the top of the car. Once we have all this done instead of going all the way across we're going to go to this point right there, bring everything to that point and then curve down for the back of the car and we'll stop right about there because everything is going to be smaller from this view in the back and that gives the illusion that this is a limo, it's a stretched vehicle. So then we'll go from here to this back point right there and then we'll draw another curved half circle to put a back tire back there and erase that, we don't need that any more. This extra line will clean that up. So then we'll draw the driver's side window and draw a triangle for that, there's a mirror, a rectangle connecting and then one long rectangle for the passenger windows, back passenger windows, getting smaller the further back you go and then some lines separating the windows, a line going down for our door, rectangle for a handle and we've got an oval for our tire, oval on the inside, curved line here and connect, shade that in and then we'll shade this in a little bit too. I'm using yellow for this entire thing but if you're drawing with pencil you can shade that in gray, color it black and your limo can be whatever color you'd like. I'm going to draw a back tire in here, same thing but everything is smaller, two ovals. I'm going to draw a line up for the antenna and then some lines on the windshield to give it that reflection look, same thing for all the other windows and then I'm just going to color in these headlights orange and that is it. That is how you draw a hummer limo. Thank you for watching and keep on drawing.


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