How to Draw a Scuba Diver

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Scuba divers are people who wear equipment allowing them to go underwater. Draw a scuba diver with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw a scuba diver. You're going to start off with his head so we are going to draw an oval that comes to a point for the chin and then to the neck in the middle here and he's going to be swimming so we're going to draw him horizontal like this, a curved line for his shoulder and straight line, straight line and his arm is going to be bent here so we'll draw his forearm and then connect then draw in his hand, thumb, curve around for his fingers and we'll curve up for the back, then we'll throw in his leg here. This one is going to be bent, put a crease here and bend up at the knee and close off. His other leg you're only going to see part of it then we're going to throw in his flippers. So come down, webbed flippers so one curve and one more curve then come to a point right there and draw a line connecting to that point and the other flipper, just a curved line like this and then the back and connect, shade that in and I'm going to shade in his leg a little bit too. Okay so once we have this we're going to give him a belt, shade that in and of course he needs his goggles, line on top, curve, curve and a circle for the mouthpiece that leads to his oxygen tank and this is going to be a cylinder on his back, curve. I'm going to shade that a little bit. I'm going to draw two curved lines in the center of the tank and we'll give him a strap to carry it with like a backpack and then we'll add some design to his suit, a little stripe coming the leg, both legs, a stripe coming down the arm and down the center on the head. Once we have that, that's almost it. We're going to add his other arm from behind here, maybe he found something so he's checking it out. So we'll draw his hand going to open something. We'll draw that stripe in this arm too and let's say he found the treasure chest on top of a rock. And lastly, we'll add some more water environment, we'll add some bubbles, different sized circles throughout and you can have fun with this and add some seaweed, other rocks, fish, sharks, just have fun with it once you get your scuba diver in there. I'm going to go back in here and color in these goggles a little bit and that is it. That is how you draw a scuba diver. Thank you for watching and keep on drawing.


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