How to Draw Flower Motifs

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A flower motif gives you the opportunity to draw many different types of flowers. Learn how to draw flower motifs with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Jessica, and I'm an artist. And today, we're going to work on a flower motif. So, basically, in our flower motif we have a lot of different kinds of flowers, which is what makes it a motif. We're going to start with a white flower, and when you draw your flowers, you can really draw them in any kind of style. It doesn't matter if it's one particular style of flower. And, on this flower, we're going to give it a yellow middle. So, that makes - that's that flower. Then, we're going to move on to our next flower, which is going to be right next to it in this motif. And, this is going to be a pink and yellow flower. This flower, again, is going to be - it's going to be a little bit different, but a similar idea. You've got your rounded petals and your middle, which make it flower-like. And then, right next to that one, we're going to have an all-yellow flower. We're going to put a - like a very, very round yellow flower. Almost looks like the sun. There you go. And, below that one, we've got an all-pink one. It's all pink. And, it doesn't matter if you can really make out the pieces of the flower, because you can tell that's a flower. Now, moving on to the next one, we're going to do a rose. So, we're going to swirl the middle to create this rose shape that goes. And, this rose is very full bloom, so, we connect at the end. And, as you can see, it's quite a wide, full blooming rose. There you go. And then, in addition to that one, we have another big pink flower in the middle here, and that flower has a yellow middle. And, there's really no limit to how many flowers you can put in your motif. You can put a few flowers, you can put a whole bunch. But, the basic idea is that these flowers are all different sizes, and shapes, and colors, and they're all together, side by side, to create this lovely motif. And, that is how you draw a flower motif.


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