How to Draw Shopping Symbols

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Many different types of symbols are used in the world of shopping. Find out how to draw shopping symbols with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jessica, and I'm an artist. And today, we're going to draw some shopping symbols. So, the first thing we're going to draw is, basically, this jaggedy start circular kind of a shape, which you've probably seen a lot in shopping environments. And, you can put a lot of things in this shape. You can put, like, for example, the price of something, say it's like 99 cents. Or, you could write "sale." Or, you could write a lot of different things in here. But, this is an attention-getting symbol. Another thing is a price tag. So, a price tag has a narrow top, and then it comes down to a rectangle. And then, usually there's a circle here, or you can take a string and tie it to something if you like to. And, that might have something on there like the price, for example. You know, $1.99. This is a very inexpensive store that we're shopping at. Also, the dollar sign is a very popular shopping symbol. We're going to make a, sort of a thicker dollar sign here. So, basically, this would be a dollar sign like that. You could also just draw a regular one, just an S with two lines through the top. And, also there's the pound sign. The pound kind of looks like a cursive L, and that's what they use in the UK to show money. Another symbol we might see is an escalator. So, that would be sort of this rounded sloping shape to show that there's an escalator, and then maybe an arrow up, or an arrow down to show which direction it's going in. A shopping cart is a very popular symbol. So, we can show just, basically, a rectangle with a couple wheels on the bottom to show that if you need a cart, this is where the carts are. And, another symbol that we might see is a telephone. That's a pretty popular symbol of business or shopping. There we go. And, we'll do one more. One more symbol that we might see in a shopping environment is a symbol for money. So, we'll do a couple coins like that. And, a piece of actual money, we just draw a circle in the middle, and draw some shapes on the side to show that is what money looks like. And, those are some shopping symbols.


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