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A pictograph is a chart that tries to convey a message with words and images. Draw a pictograph with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jessica and I'm an artist. And today we're going to draw a pictograph. A pictograph is a chart of some kind that tries to convey your message using not only words but also images. So for example, we're going to start with a square to show where our pictograph is, so at the top of the pictograph you're going to put your topic. So for example, OK, times we watched TV this week. OK. So we're judging how much TV watching we get in. The time we watch TV this week. That goes at the top. So then you're going to show your different days. Maybe you'll symbolize them with the letter of the week. M, Tuesday, W for Wednesday, Th for Thursday, F for Friday, S for Saturday, and a Su for Sunday. Beside the day, every time you watch TV, draw a little picture of a television set next to it. So on Monday you watched TV for two hours. Tuesday you don't watch any TV so we'll put an X. Wednesday we watch TV for one hour. Thursday we watch TV a lot. Thursday we watch TV for three hours. So basically, the way that this pictograph works is you just draw a picture next to the day that you're trying to convey. And you can put lines in between to keep it a little bit separated. Friday maybe we didn't watch any TV we were really busy on Friday. We'll put an X. Saturday, Saturday was a big TV day. We got four solid hours of TV watching in on Saturday, which is a lot. But there was two good movies on back to back. And then Sunday we just watched we just did something else. Sunday we went out and we hung out with our family, so that day was. And then if you want you can decorate your pictograph, maybe put a little star in the corner, little star in the corner. If you're happy at the end of your chart with your progress, like Tuesday you're happy because you watched no TV, you can put a little smiley face. Friday, a little smiley face. And Sunday. So that is the basic gist of how you draw a pictograph.


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