How to Draw Superhero Costumes

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Drawing a costume for a superhero is a great way to have a lot of fun while drawing. Learn how to draw superhero costumes with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jessica and I'm an artist. And today, we're going to draw superhero costumes. So it depends on if you're a boy or a girl that your costume is usually going to look a little different, but at the same time most costumes have the same style, and that style is usually somewhat fitting to the body. So basically if we have our character here, they have their hands on their hips in this sort of superhero pose. This classic superhero pose. The next thing we're going to do, the first thing really we should do is just get their shape down so that we know and they've always got their legs like spread. This kind of hero pose like so. And then next usually we have a fitted body outfit of some kind. So all we have to do is just draw lines to show that they're sleeves. And actually we're going to put the line back a little farther, because most superheros have gloves on some kind. They have these gloves that sort of take up their whole arm, front part of their arm and their hand. After that, they've always got some kind of collar or neck piece which covers their neck. And then say you are a superhero with the first initial M. They usually have that kind of letter that tells who they are on their costume like so. It's usually big and bold and right on the front. Maybe they have some kind of shape around it to really accentuate it. And they love stars. All superheros have some kind of a star or stripes or different colors on their costume to show that it's definitely a costume. In the bottom middle part there's usually some kind of like a pair of pants or shorts to show that they are definitely serious about being a superhero. So we've got this kind of bottom part there, maybe they have some tassels coming off of them. And then often they'll have tight fitting pants, but then they'll have these special kind of boots that come all the way up their leg. I'm sure what the boots do it probably protect them and help them run faster and things of that nature. So they've got these superhero boots on their legs. And no superhero would be complete without a mask of some kind to protect their identity. And finally, a cape. And that is how you draw a superhero costume.


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