How to Draw an Emo Fairy

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Drawing an emo fairy really puts an emphasis on that fairy's emotions. Draw an emo fairy with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist. And today we are going to draw an emo fairy. So we are going to start with the fairy's face. She has this kind of curved face like this. Sort of a pointy chin. And we are going to give her emo hair to start off with. And that's hair that kind of slants over to the side dramatically in an emo sort of a fashion. Just emoing it's way over to the side to show her sort of emo personality. There we go. Then she's got big eyes. She's got big kind of slanted sort of eyes with she's got eyelashes. But she's also got a lot of eyeliner, that's important. Lots of eyeliner. And there she goes. There's her eyes. And she's just a little, little dots, a little nose. And just like cute little lips, cute little emo lips. Now also she's got like a barrette like maybe a barrette here and maybe one here. And then we are going to go on with the rest of her body. She's got this kind of little neck and shoulders here. And she's got one arm it's kind of on her you know she's got like one arm on her hip. Because she's you know she's an emo, she's got a little bit of a tude. And then she has this like long, long slinky arm over here that just kind of hangs down like so. She's just got a little arm like that. Of course we need sort of these long gloves on her arms cause she's emo. And so she's going to have these like cute long emo gloves like so. There we go they just stretch down. All the way down like that. We are going to give her kind of a little bit of a bustier here cause that's kind of like a cool emo fairy thing to wear. And just imagine it's like lace. Maybe there's like some lace around it or something like black lace or whatever. We don't have a black marker so we are just going to do it right now in blue. And we've got this kind of a plaid at the bottom. Kind of like a maybe a plaid pattern. And of course no emo fairy would be complete without her little emo wings that come down. She needs these little emo wings. Little bat wings, emo bat wings. There we go. And also she's got, she's going to have these kind of like long skinny emo legs. And she'll probably have like knee high boots. So just imagine she's wearing like these really tall knee high boots. And she's got these heels like so. And oh she's got a lot of necklaces on too. Like kind of a lot of these necklaces. And here hair comes down. She's got kind of long hair. And finally our emo fairy has pointy emo fairy ears. And that is how you draw an emo fairy.


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