How to Draw a Sports Shoe

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Different sports require different types of shoes. Learn how to draw a sports shoe with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw a sports shoe. When drawing shoes you want to follow the basic shape of a foot which is a trapezoid. We'll draw a trapezoid here just so you can see a rounded point at that part and a rounded point in the back, that's a trapezoid with rounded points what no matter to you looks like a foot. If you had toes and ankle, leg and a slight curve up here before the heal you got yourself a foot. So for sure you would want to follow the same basic shape so we're going to start off by drawing a curve down here where the foot would enter, tongue sticking out and then curve down to the toe, rounded point and curve down, slight curve towards the back, up a little bit and then back down and then just connect from the top down to the heal so there's your outline for your shoe. From here, for a sports shoe where going to add tread on the bottom and for that we're just going to do a square but not connecting it, slight line across square, line across, square all the way across and we're going to stop where this curve is and then continue in the back. So there's your tread and then from here we're going to add some laces, you can do ovals or rectangles will both work for laces and we'll continue, we'll finish off the tongue and once you have that you can design it however you'd like, just get creative with it. We're going to draw a curve across, we'll draw a circle up here for the logo and maybe some lines across down here, just have fun with it, design your own shoe and then we can add the sock for the leg and the actual leg and that's it, that is how you draw a sports shoe. Thank you for watching and keep on drawing.


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