How to Draw a Sporty Shoe

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Sporty shoes come in a wide variety of different types. Learn how to draw a sporty shoe with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw a sporty shoe. When drawing shoes you want to follow the basic shape of the foot which is a trapezoid. So if we draw a trapezoid here, put a rounded point there and a rounded point in the back it already looks like a foot. We'll add toes, an ankle, part of the leg and a little curve up and the bottom of the foot, you've got yourself a foot. So we'll follow that shape when drawing shoes. So we're going to start off with a diagonal line down, a little crease and then out, a rounded point, back around, a little curve here, follow this shape and then down to the back of the shoe. Up here the tongue will be sticking out a little bit, we'll go down and then put a curve in here for where the foot enters. We'll draw the rest of the tongue, going down half the shoe here and then draw some laces in there. You can do ovals or rectangles. Then at the bottom of the shoe we're going to draw some cleats. We're going to draw rounded rectangles or squares, going to do four in the front and going to do two in the back. Then you can get creative with this and design your shoe and follow that shape up there, draw a curve in the back, a curve in the front, shade those in a little bit, shade this in, follow this bottom line, do a little bit of shading there and whatever else you want really. You just draw a logo in the middle, we'll put a leg in there and a sock. And that is how you draw a sporty shoe. Thank you for watching and keep on drawing.


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