How to Draw a Rickshaw

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A rickshaw is a type of cart commonly pulled by a person. Learn how to draw a rickshaw with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Daisy. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a rickshaw today. So these are little carts that are pulled by people to pull other people. You're going to draw a big circle here for the wheel and then draw a line coming up this way which is going to be what the person holds on to to pull and on this side I'm going to draw a big of a trapezoid that comes down and that's this side of the rickshaw. We need to see inside so we know what's going on. We're going to draw another line here but don't make it the same length because it's in perspective and that's going to be the base. Let's put a line in there as well so we can see the bottom and our little rectangle in here will be where the person sits. Then we're going to draw another line here and here to be the poles that the man will hold and on this side you just want to follow through with this pole. Now if we really try we'll see the other wheel just slightly underneath here. So that's your basic rickshaw, let's give it a little bit more detail with a wheel like so, another circle and then lines coming out to be the spokes. Then a little detail up here. Here's little curvy lines which would be like little fabric pieces coming down then shade inside here to show that it's inside. And there we go. My name is Daisy and that's how you draw a rickshaw.


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