How to Draw Detailed Elves

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As elves don't exist, any details that you add can come strictly from your own imagination. Learn how to draw detailed elves with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Daisy. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw detailed elves. So we're going to start with a simple body shape, just a long rectangle, short little legs. Let's make him wave at us and then let's give him a little round head. So that's the basic shape of the elf but obviously he doesn't look like an elf yet so we're going to give him a coat with a collar. It's going to be very round, which is like two Cs and then bring the coat line down so it looks like it's buttoned up, a big belt across the big square that can be the belt buckle. Then follow these lines all the way down to create little triangles at the end of the coat. So that's the best thing about drawing the basic shape of the body is that the clothes fit on top. So draw little pants, a little line in the middle and just lines that taper down to the other lines we drew before. Now, elves have cute little turned up shoes so you're going to draw really curly shoes, a straight line at the back and then straight, the same on this side, really curly shoes that come down but straight on the bottom. Now, we're getting there, let's color in his coat a little bit so we can see the different layers of his costume. Now his hands, little circles, little ovals for his fingers. They're going to have big white cuffs at the end of his shirt and then his arms come around following those body lines we drew before. And the same on this side, just little fingers waving at us, big cuff and his arms. Now last but not least he needs his little hat which I'm going to draw a little triangle on top of his head maybe bring it down a bit so it looks like it's sitting right over his forehead. Color that in to match his coat and let's give him a couple eyes and a smiley face, get rid of some of these extra lines, a couple little Cs on the side of his ears and there we go. Last but not least a little bell on top of his hat. And my name is Daisy and that's how you draw detailed elves.


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