How to Draw Army Stick Figures

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Drawing army stick figures is a great opportunity to have a little fun with your work. Draw army stick figures with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Daisy, I'm an artist, and I'm here to show you how to draw army stick figures. So we're going to start with my first one with his head just a round circle. A line for the neck. Let's give him a triangle body, and then two lines kind of curved for the legs. And give him little boots, so little triangles. And then two more triangles for his feet. He needs arms. We'll draw a couple little lines here. Put your arms wherever you want them. I'm going to put mine holding a gun up like this. And he's in the army so he's going to be holding some sort of gun. And I'm just making a really simple gun. With a long barrel. Now to make him more in the army, and not just a guy with a gun, going to put a helmet on him. Color that in green. And then color his chest in green. Make him look like he's got a uniform on. And even give him a backpack. Put a little round pack. You can draw them in other poses so to quickly show another pose, he could be marching. So this guy would be in the distance. And draw his legs in a marching position. And he's holding his gun on his back. And he's got the same helmet. And same boots. And there we go. My name is Daisy and that's how you draw army stick figures.


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