How to Draw Girls Playing

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Drawing girls playing is a great way to experiment with things like emotion in your work. Learn how to draw girls playing with help from an artist who teaches art to children and adults in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia, I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw girls playing. And these girls that are playing in my artwork are going to be playing with the jump rope. Okay, I'm doing stick figures for the moment, but just to lay out the scene. When you have a scene of people playing jump rope, let's see, and this one is going to be, of course the one in the middle jumping rope. And her legs are bent because she is jumping in the air, and her arms are out to balance herself while she jumps. Alright, let's give her some, a cute little hairdo, a nose and eyes, happy mouth, some bangs. Again, her hands are balancing her out, and you have the girl jumping rope. And then for the other ladies, let's do them in a different color. Okay, this one is, again, here's an ear. She's going to have flowing long hair, everyone's jealous of this girl's hair. And again, we've got the nose, the eyes, let's give her a chin, big smile for the face, and she's going to be wearing just a simple pair of, let's see, just a simple shirt and a skirt. And because she's bigger than the other two right now, she's the one closest to the viewer, so this one we're going to make a little bit smaller, we want the perspective to be somewhat correct, so notice how, what I'm going to do to make my picture look realistic, we're going to go back. Notice how I have a nice angle here and then it goes longer in the back, and that means the other girl is going to be holding it here, her arm is here, and let's see, her shoulder, and she's just going to be wearing a dress, her other arm is down, and then her shoes, and she's farther away, so we're going to make her head smaller than the other girl, let's give her some pigtails, let's give this girl some pigtails and eyes and nose and mouth and a horizon line for the ground. And you have girls playing. Enjoy.


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