How to Draw Wood Rosettes

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When drawing wood rosettes you'll have to start out with a basic circle. Draw wood rosettes with help from an artist who teaches art to children and adults in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw wood rosettes. Alright, so I'm going to make it easy this time. We're going to start out with a circle, well two circles and let's see here we are going to go on to do some curved lines to make it look like a flower almost. Now you'll see these on walls, around doors, detailing and housing and houses and then after that we can do a circle and then we are going to add some more pedals and this is usually you know, you take a piece of wood and you carve it and you'll have the rosette. So imagine this being carved out of wood so there will be some shadows here but let's get the rosette first and so once you have the rosette, we're going to put some shadowing in, we're also going to do, let's do a square around it, so this might be in the corner of a door frame and you know, we'll even, there we go. So it's on a piece of wood and then let's add some shadowing because it's carved out of the wood. So you know what, let's get a different color for that shadowing so you can see it better, we'll do blue. So this is all going to be, you know, let's say this is carved out into the wood and then the petals are raised up so depending on where the light source is you're going to see some shadow. So this would be like the light source coming from this direction so because it's coming from underneath, we're going to add some shadows here and notice how I'm just adding some extra lines so you can really the shadowing of the rosette. Alright, so there is your wood rosette. Enjoy.


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