How to Draw Wood Grain

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Wood grain patterns will be different depending on what type of wood it is you're drawing. Learn how to draw wood grain with help from an artist who teaches art to children and adults in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia, I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw wood grain. Now when you're drawing wood grain, let's draw a slab of wood, here. And when you draw the grain, you just keep very jag, not jagged lines, but go back and forth with your pencil or pen, and we're going to draw a circular wood grain here. It's a very organic shape, it's not, you know, you don't have your squares in there, you have more circles and they move around, and you have the jagged lines, the little teeny lines connecting to give you the wood grain. Sometimes they're straight, this one is going to go straight to the end of the wood. Again, this goes together and then it goes around the circle and down. Again, you might get another line right next to it, it might move away a little bit, it comes back. And then you might have another circle down here. Notice how my lines, they're loose, but I'm using lots of little lines to keep that wood grain texture. And then usually after you have the circle you have the other lines that go around it, they might be close or farther away, and we're going to get that off the paper. And there you go; pardon me, off the wood. This is a piece of wood again. And again, if it's a block of wood you give it some dimension, and you're going to have more wood grain on the side. And there you go, there's your wood grain. Enjoy.


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