How to Draw Sea Scenes

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When drawing a sea scene you have to remember to draw the beach, ocean, waves and things like that. Draw sea scenes with help from an artist who teaches art to children and adults in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia, I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw sea scenes. Now when you draw your sea scene, remember you have the beach and you have the ocean, and usually some waves, so we're going to make this a wave breaking down, and then you have other water here coming up the beach. And you can, you know, there you go, here's your beach and your water. Now you also might have some seagulls or some birds flying. You might have a dolphin, so lets put a dolphin here, if you're lucky. This guy is jumping, you don't see that too often, but if you do, lucky you. So imagine this is a jumping dolphin. And then let's move on to the beach. We're going to have, you might have some towels with people laying on them getting a tan, or, I'm just going to do the stripe towel for right now. Or you might have a palm tree. We'll put our palm tree right here, big fronds, and in addition to the palm tree, you might have some shells, so we're going to add some shells to our beach scene, lets see, you can make them little, because of the scene they're going to be little teeny tiny shells, but, yeah, shells and driftwood, sea glass, you name it, you can add that. What else do we have? There might be some people standing on the ocean, standing near the beach, near the water. And then in your sea scene, once you have that, you pretty much have everything else. I know there's other things, you can add boats, what have you, but here's your sea scene. enjoy.


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