How to Draw a Toddler

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When drawing a toddler it may be wise to start with one ear. Draw a toddler with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, what's up? Chris here. And today we're going to be learning how to draw a toddler, a small child. Let's begin. First we're going to start with one ear. Going to bring the head up, come around. I know what you're thinking, you're thinking, man, this cat has a big head. I'll explain why in a minute. Bring that down and there you go. Now, we'll add a line here for the brow, another line on the same side. A line down here for the nose, two little lines there and a little smile. Teeth, you know kids lose teeth all the time. Then we'll bring the circle around and a circle around there. And those will be the eyes. Close that off, and those are the eyes. Now, we'll give him some hair, these are little curls, little lines. Bring that down. Don't be afraid. There we go. There we go. And we'll bring the neck, give him a little small neck because he's a toddler. Here's the lines for the shoulders, come out there, sleeves for the shirt. Bring the shirt down, come out. Here are the hands. Same on this side, come out. Here are the fingers, a line in the middle for the palms. Bring that down. It's summer, give him some shorts. Two little lines that way, pockets. Two more little lines, legs. Now, here's a little cute trick. Put a line, then put these lines on the side, come down, put on Ocean socks. Then you just draw the feet, three little lines. Those are the laces. Same deal here. Those are the laces. Draw something nice on his shirt. Most kids have like little stars or whatever. So, a little start because he's a star. Dot those eyes, and there you have it. I'm Chris and this is how you draw a toddler.


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