How to Draw a Pirate Girl

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Both male and female pirates commonly have a few key characteristics. Draw a pirate girl with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, what's up, Chris here. And today we're going to be learning how to draw a pirate girl, female pirate. All right then, Arrgh! First thing we're going to do is, we're going to start with the head. We're going to start and come out with a line, then we're going to come up and we're going to go over come down and then a line back across. And now, use a different color and get some hair going. Some wavy lines, here's her face. She loves being a pirate. Bring that down here, that's the neck, circle for the eyes. That's the nose, that's the smile, and give her some goofy teeth. She is a pirate, she can't be too cute. And there's the eye patch. We'll fill that in. Put that, keep that going. All right there. And bring these two lines here and here's the shoulders. And here's the torso and we'll do like a belt with a big wide buckle. And some more lines down. They carry those swashbuckling guns there. Hands, that's the handle. And here's the other arm, draw some lines like that. Here's the other hand and draw these lines up. And there's the sword. Here's the buttons and here are the pants. I make the lines wiggly because the pants are a little baggy. And here are the boots, do the lines and some more lines up top. Last but not least, skull and crossbones on the pirate hat. Pink dots the eye. And there you are. I'm Chris and oh, Pooh...oo! and that's how you draw a pirate girl.


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