How to Draw With Markers

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You don't need a pencil if you want to get some drawing done. Learn how to draw with markers with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, what's up? It's Chris. And today we're going to be learning how to draw with markers. So, we're going to be using two types of markers today, wide tips and fine tips. So, here is an example of a fine tip. Let's say, you take a circle and we just draw a circle and then use another tip of a different color, add dimension to it. There's a string, and we'll take white and we'll draw a line here and a dot to symbolize the reflection off the balloon. Now, a wider tip. Draw a box, kind of a box, a circle. Draw some lines coming out, lines like that. Come around, it's a bow tie. Take the smaller tip and fit that in. Fill it in like that. Now, you can do other fun things too. Like, you can take two markers, take the caps off, you can tape them or you can hold them together and you can draw one thing in unison with both markers. Say, like you wanted to do a heart. Take both of them and you come down Then you put them right back where you started and you come back around. Ah, love time love, gotta love that. What else do we have? Man, markers are so much fun. You can fill in with the wide tip. You can fill in this balloon like that. So, now you're showing that the balloon has color to it. So, that side is showing that it's pink, the white with the line shows that the line is hitting it, and all types of other things. Markers, and a wide tip you can usually, boom, hit some eyes. What are you looking at? Looking at your heart because I love you. You know, stuff like that. Then you take the fine tip with the marker, then you got your lashes. And then you can go around the thicker line. That's the best part about in a heart inside of a heart. You can't get mad at that. So, in conclusion, I'm Chris. I got a lot of love for you and this is how you draw with markers.


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