How to Draw Something Spinning

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Drawing an object that is spinning can be a great way to experiment with direction, motion and perspective in your work. Draw something spinning with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, what's up? It's Chris, and today we're going to be learning how to draw something spinning and my contribution to you will be a spinning top. So let's begin. First, we're going to draw a small circle right here. We're going to fill it in then we're going to come down, then we're going to draw another circle that's bigger then that one and we're going to bring that right down here and we're going to still keep coming that way, close this up. And we're going to just keep bringing these lines around like this without shadowing the whole thing. Now this is very important, alright and now we're going to bring it down and we're going to bring this line down here to meet it. Then we're going to close that up there and we're going to draw a little peg out there. This little peg. Now we're going to color our top so we're going to take the wider markers and we're going to draw some here, add some tint, add some tint here and some tint here. Because tops are usually a bunch of different colors and stuff. Finally, some green up here, yellow, green. Now we're going to do one more thing to it to give that illusion that it's spinning. So we're going to take these lines and we're going to curve them like that and we're going to come around like that. See? You're curving it, little lines like that, makes a big difference. Some around that way and as you're coming down to the bottom make them a little smaller. But you see, as you're looking at it, it's giving that image like it's just twirling. So there it is. I'm Chris and as it keeps on spinning, this is how you draw something spinning.


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