How to Draw a Realistic Cat

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When drawing a realistic cat you're going to want to pay close attention to the little details. Draw a realistic cat with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw a realistic cat. And what I'm going to begin with is the ears. And then in between the ears, the head. I'm doing a nice, kind of jagged line for the hair. Then another ear. And let's put some hair in those ears. And then we're going to do the face. Now because it's a cat, and we're drawing it realistically, we're going to do fur on the side of the cheeks. And right here let's do the eyes. Two almond shaped eyes. Now cats can either have almond shaped pupils or they can have round pupils. And we're going to do round in this cat today. And then two lines down to the nose. Normally I make them upside down triangles, but for more realistic cat, it looks like almost like a bird flying. Not exactly, but a little bit. You get the idea. You can see what I just did. And then of course the two cheeks. And then the lower mouth, the chin, and sometimes there's a little tongue sticking out there. And of course we can have hair on the chin. And I'm going to put dots in here because this is where the whiskers are. And there's often rows of dots. I've got detail. Now the whiskers. So you have the face. And now we're going to do the body. Again this is a hairy cat. A cat with a lot of fur. So we're doing some jagged lines just to show that this guy is furry. And then here are the paws. The front paws. And then the body, the belly, and then here's the back leg. And the back leg looks like this. It's a half circle that brings us down into the paw. Then back up. And then let's see here. You can add the lines for the paws. And then we can add claws because of course cats like to climb trees. And they can't do that without their claws. And then again, another back leg right here. We'll put this other back paw, some jagged lines for the hair. Some claws. All right, and then if you want it to be a tabby cat, you can add some stripes in. And this guy is going to be a tabby. You know what, let's get. This pink is running out on me, so there we go. Some nice white stripes. Usually they'd be a dark gray but let's have fun with it. We've got some stripes down the leg. And the front legs. And there you go. The realistic cat. Enjoy.


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