How to Draw a Dog & Cat Cuddling

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A dog and cat cuddling, be it in real life or in a picture, is pretty cute. Find out how to draw a dog and cat cuddling with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia, I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a dog and cat cuddling. It's pretty cute. Alright, so first, I'm going to draw the dog, these guys are going to be cuddling side by side. So, a nice tail, let's get a quick sketch of the dog. And then, these are the back legs. Let's see, how we're going to do this. I'm going to do kind of a quick sketch first of all. Then, I might have to change it around. But you know, when you're drawing like this, you kind of have to do the layout. Some people are able to do it immediately, and others need to take their time. So, here is the dog's face. And now, these guys are both sleeping, they're contentedly sleeping. So, we're going to do closed eyes. Let's give him more of a rounded head, there we go, and a nose. And then, of course, he has a nice smile on his face, because he's having sweet dreams. Alright, and then, let's do our little cat. And the cat is actually quite content as well. Let's get the nose in there, and the little cheek and the smile, oh, yes, we have a happy cat, nice and warm. Let's see, this guy is sleeping as well, so the eyes are closed, down to the body. Let's see here, how we're going to do this. This guy is going to be sleeping on the dog's paw. And then, in addition we've got the little cat's paw in here, as well. Now, let's see, there's one paw and let's do the other paw, nice line, rounded paws. And then, let's see, this dog is getting real cozy. And we've got his second paw around the cat of course, let's erase this line here. And let's see, our cat is curled up, so we've got the tail. And we've got the hind leg and the paw. And then, how we're going to do this? Let's see, here's the body and then, we'll do the other little leg there. Let's do some fur here. Let's see, we can do some fur detailing here. And you know what? I'm not happy with the back legs of the dog. So, I put this here for placement. And now, I'm going to go back and erase a little bit. And then, let's see here, we've got one paw and then, the second paw. And then, you know, you can add pillows if you want, because these guys are on the couch. And, there you go. A dog and cat cuddling, enjoy.


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