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Sight singing and ear training can help dramatically improve your performance as a vocalist. Learn about sight singing and ear training with help from the developer of the "Singing Made Simple" technique in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, Roger Burnley, vocal coach here in Hollywood, California. Today I'm going to talk about sight singing and ear training. Now a lot of you have heard of these terms and you're wondering if you need to have it or you know and that sort of thing. Let me explain. Sight singing is not, depending on what you're going for. If you're wanting to be a session singer, that means someone who goes into the studio, can pick up a piece of music and just sing it, then learning sight singing would be really really important for you. Okay, that could take courses, that could take studying music, a lot of different things. Now ear training is a little bit different. You don't need to really understand music or to read music to start to do ear training. I use a very simple idea on that and you can do this with anything. If you don't even have vocal scales right now, you can start to do this. It's just about learning to hear where you are. Sometimes you may want to record yourself. You could play a piece of music, sing along with it while you're just focusing on trying to hear where those notes are right in the center of your head. I use this so much. It's called the Third Eye here right in the middle of your head. That's where you're going to focus okay. So let me just show you a little something. I'm just going to do this on a simple exercise here, let me go here and I just want you to see, ahhhahhhahhhahhh, ahhhahhhahh, ahhhahhahahhh, ahhhahhhahhahhh, ahhhahhhahhahh. I'm stopping to hear if I am actually reaching every single note. Now that becomes a whole physical thing that you'll start to get as well but more importantly it's about training your ear and again you can do this even with songs but let me just show you again and see if you can get where I'm focusing and concentrating on hearing where those notes are going, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, it's right here, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, and then even coming down, it's oh, I'm not quite getting the notes coming down, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, being really accurate. You do that over and over again with exercises, with actual songs and a good thing to do again. You won't necessarily, if you haven't had a lot of ear training on this you may not know if you're on pitch or not so you may need to take a little recorder, record yourself, listen back to it. You'll say oh, it's off there. You go back, you do it again. You do it over and over again. You're developing this ability over time. So be patient with yourself and allow that to happen and again if you want to learn sight singing then you really need to take a course and work with somebody where you can do that but that's going to be a specialized kind of thing that if you're looking to get work where you need to have that sight singing or you're going to be in a choir or something like that where it is required. Hope that helps you. Again this is Roger Burnley in Hollywood, California talking to you about sight singing and ear training.


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