How to Control Vocal Cords

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Controlling your vocal cords can help you hit notes you didn't think you could. Control your vocal cords with help from the developer of the "Singing Made Simple" technique in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm here, a vocal coach in Hollywood, California. Today, I'm going to talk about how to control vocal chords. Now, I get that question quite a bit. But let me talk about what's really happening. When you're thinking about controlling your vocal chords, you're actually thinking about developing coordination. I like to use that term a bit more, because a lot of times we think about we're trying to develop some sort of muscular strengths. And that can get us into trouble. Because then we'll try to push to get various sounds, or thinking that is the control, it's more about coordination. There are muscles that are attached to your vocal chords, which cause them to open and close, to be able to create sound. Now, so the control that you're learning, or that you're developing, is how to allow them to do that. So much of this again, is going to be in terms of your thinking how you're approaching things. There are other variables in terms of you know, the way that you maybe pronouncing a sound. That will cause your position in your voice box in your larynx to move around too much. But you know, that's for another story. But let me just show you, get you to think about this a little differently in terms of controlling your vocal chords. All I'm doing, is thinking, I'm bringing the chords together. At the same time, I'm hearing where my notes are. You want to develop two, the both things, because when you're feeling all internally in your body. And then, you're hearing it, it becomes this coordination. And so, that's why you will develop perfect pitch, being able to sing on pitch all the time, correctly. So, let me just play a little bit of this, and see if you can hear what I'm thinking and I'm directing my chords to come together, to relax. That is the control that you're trying to gain, together. And when I actually stop there, is I'm just ringing the chords together, right in front of me. So, sometimes terminology becomes important, because I don't want you to think that you're forcing or building, you know, to try to get, gain that control. Coordination is a much better term for you to start to use and to think about. And that's what you're gaining, o.k. Again, Roger Burnley, here in Hollywood, California, showing you how to control those vocal chords.


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