How to Get a Deeper Voice & Relax Vocals

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Relaxing your vocals can help you hit deeper, more bass-heavy notes. Get deeper voice and relax vocals with help from the developer of the "Singing Made Simple" technique in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, Roger Burnley, vocal coach here in Hollywood, California. Today, I'm going to talk about how do you get those lower notes, those lower range. And also keep everything very relaxed. It's one of the biggest problems that a lot of people have, is not being able to reach the lower part of their range. I always like for you to think that basically, the way that you're going to reach some of the lower part of your range, is the same way physically. That you're going to reach some of the higher parts of your range. But let me explain this to you. The problem that you have again, and I've talked about this a bit, is that the way you think about it. You will think that to get to your lower notes, but you have to kind of, go down. and what happens is, you will start to push your larynx or your voice box down. And what really happens then, is that you're cutting off your air. Because whenever your larynx or your voice box moves out of the way, moves out of place, your air is blocked. So, your sound is not going to come through. So, I have a really wonderful, interesting, little trick here that I'd like to show you. And it is to get you think differently about getting your lower notes, you're never going to go down for them. You're going to actually think, I'm actually having this idea, that what I'm doing, is that I'm going up. I'm feeling this sensation right along the side of my face here. What that does, is it keeps the larynx more in place, so you're not cutting off your air. And you're actually going to get, reach more of your lower notes. I'm going to play a little bit of this exercise, and do it, so you can watch what I'm doing. But you get the idea, I can keep going and going. As long as I'm keeping that position here. So, again, it's just changing your mind to how you're thinking about it. Invariably you will you know, think that you need to push down to try to get to those lower notes, that is stopping your sound. So, try that little trick going up for it. Roger Burnley again, here in Hollywood, California, showing you how to get more of those lower notes.


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