How to Zip Up Vocal Chords to Sing Higher

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Zipping up your vocal chords can help you hit higher notes. Zip up vocal chords to sing higher with help from the developer of the "Singing Made Simple" technique in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Roger Burnley, vocal coach here in Hollywood, California. Today, I'm going to talk about, and a lot of you have asked this question, how do you zip up your vocal chords to sing higher? And you've probably heard that term of zipping up the vocal chords. Because some part of you knows that, that's what happens to be able to hit those higher notes. But let me just give you a little bit of a demonstration, an understanding of that. Think of it this way, when you're in your lower range, your vocal chords are in their longest or biggest place, o.k. As you go higher, they will start to thin and then, call shortened, basically to get higher. Aah, aah, aah, aah, they're just getting smaller, I'm allowing that to happen. So, what you maybe thinking when you're hearing that term, zip up, is a process called dampening. Meaning that, what happens is the vocal chords, the muscles in the vocal chords, actually what they will do, is cause the chords or the vocal folds. Which is actually more of the correct terminology. It'll cause the vocal chords to kind of shorten, it'll appear that they shorten or close up. So that the air is just vibrating over a very small portion of the vocal chords. Think about a guitar, thicker string, lower pitch, thinner string, higher pitch, your chords do that as well. Except, when they get really, really high, then they have to do that dampening process. Which you will think of as basically, zipping up. One of the great things you can do to start to feel this process. I'm going to show you on this exercise. And see if you can hear that as I'm going higher, I'm allowing, that's really important. I'm allowing the vocal chords to get smaller or tiny to get the higher notes, o.k. So, let's see if you can hear it, I allow them to get smaller. So, again, as I'm going higher and it's important that you're again allowing your larynx or your voice box to stay relaxed, as you're doing this. But it's so much in the way that you're thinking, you're just allowing those chords to get smaller or to dampen, okay. So, Roger Burnley, here again, in Hollywood, California. Talking about zipping up those chords, so that you'll be able to sing higher.


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