LG Washing Machine Error Codes

As convenient as washing machines are, and as important as they have become to everyday life, none are perfect. All brands of washing machines have been known to break down or fail at some point, often leaving the owner with no choice but purchase a new one. The latest washing machines by the LG brand, however, provide users with error codes that attempt to show what is wrong with the machine.

  1. Errors Dealing With Water

    • The error code of "IE" signifies a water inlet error. This means that your machine is not filling to the proper water level, and may be fixed by ensuring that machine's water supply is properly connected and turned on.

      A drain error will result in an error code of "OE." This means that your washer is not properly draining. Ensure that your drain hose is free of kinks and clean. Your filter also must be clean

      An error code of "FE" represents an overflow error. This means that the water level is too high, and the machine will start draining itself automatically.

      An error code of "E1" represents a leakage error. This means there is a leak in one of your hose connections.

    Electrical Errors

    • The error code "PE" stands for pressure sensor error. This is typically caused by a malfunctioning sensor switch.

      An error code of "[-E" represents a heating error. This is usually caused by a malfunctioning thermistor.

      The error code "CE" signifies an overcurrent error. This is typically caused by a short circuit within the stator assembly or a malfunctioning PWB assembly.

      An error code of "bE" represents a ball sensor error. This is caused by a loose ball or malfunctioning ball connector. This error will only be displayed in OC Test Mode.

      The error code of "EE" signifies an EEProm error, which is caused by a malfunctioning EEProm. This error is only seen in OC Test Mode.

      If your washer experiences a power failure, it will display the error code of "PF."

    Mechanical Errors

    • The error code "UE" represents a load imbalance. This can be solved by removing clothes from a large load or adding clothes to a small load, or sometimes simply by opening the machine's door and moving the clothes around by hand.

      The error code "dE" signifies a door open error. This may simply be because the door is not all the way closed, though it could also represent a number of other problems. There may be a faulty door switch, a malfunctioning electrical connection or a damaged gasket.

      A locked motor error will result in an error code of "LE." This could mean that the motor connector is not properly connected to the stator assembly or that the motor harness is cut. Other possible causes include a malfunctioning hall sensor or a bad contact between the motor harness and the main PWB assembly.

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