Full Head Weave Hairstyles

Hair weaves are quite popular among women, particularly African Americans. You can choose among different kinds of weaves depending upon how much hair you would like on your head. One style is the full-head weave, which covers your entire head. The majority of weaves are made of human hair. This should be your only choice as fake, synthetic hair does not look natural. If you have a full-head weave, you can style your hair mostly as you would your own hair.

  1. Curls

    • One full-head weave hairstyle features long, cascading curls that go just about to your shoulders. This requires a thick weave and quite a bit of it. The curls are rounded and full and look a bit like spiral curls. This curly weave also looks lovely when swept up into a high or low ponytail. When you do this, pull out some tendrils to frame your face with the curls.

    Short and Straight

    • A full-head weave if you favor shorter hair is a short, straight style. This type of weave is almost as short as a pixie cut, but about two to three inches longer. As your hair is pin straight, it lies flat on the top, sides and front. The bangs are somewhat long and can lie straight down or swept to the side. Add a headband to dress up with this short, full-head weave hairstyle.


    • Long, layered hairstyles are feminine. You can create this look with a full-head weave. Your hair should be about two inches below the shoulders, with lots of layers throughout. A full, heavy bang creates a polished finish. Long weaves are versatile. One hairstyle option is to pull one or both sides back with decorative clips. Or you can wear your hair half up and half down.

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