What Materials Make Good Soap Molds?


Soap-making is a useful hobby that combines simple, inexpensive ingredients and everyday objects to create soaps for your personal use or to give away. When you make your own soap, the mold you use is the most important tool, as it shapes the soap and gives it a place to solidify. Regular, everyday items around the house make excellent homemade soap molds.

PVC Pipe

  • A short length of PVC pipe is perfect for soap making. Cover one end with strong wax paper, securing the paper in place with a rubber band. Place the pipe, covered end down, on a block of wood or wooden cutting board. Pour liquid soap into the pipe and allow the soap to solidify before removing from the PVC mold. Cut the soap into smaller bars after removing from the mold.


  • Pick up clam shells on any beach, in beach shops or even order them online. A clean clam shell--rinsed and dried--doubles as a soap mold that gives soap a unique seashell shape. Just pour the liquefied soap in, allow it to harden, then pop the soap out.


  • Just about any box-shaped item makes a soap mold--shoe boxes, cardboard boxes, plastic storage tubs, milk cartons, even dresser drawers. Simply line your box with plastic wrap or plastic linings sold in soap supply stores, and hold the lining in place with tape. Pour in the liquid soap. Allow time for solidification, then remove the soap and cut it into bars.


  • Rinse out and dry a used can from tuna or a canned soup or vegetable. Fill the can with liquefied soap and allow the soap to harden. Place these types of molds into the refrigerator to help soap harden more quickly (since they are so small, they will fit in the refrigerator without taking up much space). Once the soap hardens, pop it out of the mold and slice into individual bars. Or, in the case of a tuna can mold, simply use or package the soap as soon as you remove it from the mold.

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