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The simple game of tag is one of the most familiar and ubiquitous children's games in the world. Even very young children love to chase or be chased by an adult, and as soon as kids are old enough to play together, they play chasing games. Tag is one of the most versatile games imaginable; it can be changed to create hundreds of different versions and hours--or even years--of fun.

Amoeba Tag

  • Most games of tag begin with choosing one person to be the chaser, but Amoeba Tag begins with two chasers. The two chasers must hold hands while they try to catch other players. Anyone they catch must join hands with them and become a chaser. The group of chasers holding hands grows bigger and bigger until only one person (the winner) is left running away.

Band-aid Tag

  • Band-aid Tag is a version of freeze tag, in which a person who is tagged must remain frozen in position until another player tags him to free him. In Band-aid Tag, one player is the chaser. When the chaser tags another player, that person must hold a hand (a "band-aid") over the spot where he was tagged. If he is tagged again, he must hold the other hand over the second spot where he was tagged. If he is tagged a third time, he must freeze in place. He is frozen until two other players come to him and "operate" by both tagging him at once while counting to five.

Boiler Burst

  • To set up a game of Boiler Burst, use boundaries to create two lines, the start line and the finish line, with a chasing space between that is approximately 40-feet wide, depending on the age of the players. The players begin at the start line, while the chaser stands in the middle. The chaser begins making up a story. At some point in the story, the chaser says, "and the boiler burst," which is the signal for the other players to try to run to the finish line. As they are running, the chaser tries to tag them. Anyone tagged is out for the duration of that round. The game continues with the same chaser until only one player (the winner) is left; for the next round,the player who was tagged first becomes the new chaser.

Cooperation Tag

  • Cooperation Tag requires a prop: an object that players can pass or toss among themselves such as a soft ball. Players are safe from being tagged by the chaser as long as they are holding the object. They work together to pass the object to prevent other players from being tagged. If a player is tagged when she is not holding the object, she becomes the new chaser.

Giants, Wizards, Elves

  • Giants, Wizards, Elves is a group tag game based on Rock, Paper, Scissors. To play, divide the players into two teams. Set up two goal lines at opposite ends of the playing field. Before beginning a round, each team must huddle up and choose to be either giants, wizards or elves for that round. The teams then line up facing each other in the center of the playing area. On the count of three, both teams do the action for their chosen creature--giants, wizards or elves. Giants raise their hands over their heads, wizards stretch their hands toward the other team and wiggle their fingers, and elves use their hands to make pointy ears. Giants defeat elves, elves defeat wizards, and wizards defeat giants. The team that is defeated runs away toward the goal line behind them while the other team chases them and tries to tag them. Any player who is tagged must become part of the team that has tagged him. The game continues until all the players have become part of one team.

Secret Tag

  • To begin a game of Secret Tag, a leader must choose three players and secretly tell each of them what their roles will be. One of the three is the chaser, one is the "doctor" who can free players who have been tagged, and the third is a normal player. When play begins, the chaser tags people, and anyone who is tagged must freeze until they are unfrozen by the doctor. This game works best if rounds end quickly, since its appeal lies in the confusion at the beginning when none of the players know who the chaser is.

Everybody's It

  • Everybody's It is best played in a large space, and a short amount of time. To play, set up the boundaries and then announce that everyone is it. All the players chase each other and try to tag each other, and anyone who is tagged must sit down. Play continues until only one player, or no players, are left.

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