Keynote Presentation Tips

Keynote presentations are motivational speeches designed to excite the audience for the rest of the event. When keynote presenters deliver a speech, they know what aids to bring and implement to supplement their speech. Keynote speakers have public speaking experience and are known for their ability to educate, inform and entertain.

  1. Know the Audience

    • A successful keynote speaker researches his audience. Speaking to 50 church leaders throughout a denomination differs from 1,000 American mayors. Keynote speakers communicate often with the event planner to learn who is attending, the objective of the conference, the event planner's goals and the demographics of the audience.

    Prepare Visuals

    • Compelling graphics enhance slideshows.
      Compelling graphics enhance slideshows.

      Keynote presenters must utilize visual aids for a successful speech. Steve Jobs explained the MacBook Air through visuals, even using a pencil and envelope to convey the size. Another tip is for keynote speakers to use a slide show program. Popular programs include Microsoft PowerPoint and Mac's Keynote. A remote handheld also helps a presentation, allowing the speaker freedom to move around.

    Be Enthusiastic

    • Keynote speakers can bring top research and the best visuals, but without passion for the subject, the keynote will fall flat. Presenters need a loud clear voice full of emotion for the topic and the audience. He should move away from the podium for audience interaction. He should maintain eye contact. A presenter needs to engage the audience with humor and authenticity.

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