Easy Duct Tape Projects


Duct tape has developed a reputation as a versatile and adaptable adhesive that has purposed well beyond those that were intended by manufacturers. Duct tape is an ideal craft and project material because of its strength, cost and variety in terms of color and width. If you're a duct tape beginner, start off with simple products that require little time, skill or additional materials.

Bags and Purses

  • Duct tape offers the strength and color variety to create functional and funky bags and purses. To create a simple shoulder bag, cut sixteen strips of 16-inch long strips of duct tape in your favorite color. Line eight pieces with the adhesive side upwards so that the edges of each piece overlap very slightly. Repeat with the next eight pieces of duct tape and then place the two sheets together so that you end up with a double sided piece with no sticky sides. Make a second piece in a similar way, using different colors if you like. Attach the sheets by cutting several shorter pieces of duct tape and taping up three sides of the bag; the longer the strips, the larger the bag will be. Create straps with long strips of duct tape folded in half or two pieces sandwiched together. Place a piece of cardboard along the inner bottom of the bag to provide structure and protect your items from the adhesive. Decorate the outside of the bag by cutting small pieces of various colors of duct tape to create shapes like flowers or suns.


  • Duct tape flowers can be used in bouquets, floral arrangements, pins or corsages. Beginners should start by bending floral wire into simple petal shapes and then covering the wire with brightly color duct tape. Attach the petals to a straw wrapped in green duct tape. For more advanced craftspeople, duct tape roses can be made by crafting individual petals out of pink, red or white duct tape. Cut several 2-inch squares of duct tape. One at a time, fold one corner of a square over toward the center of the adhesive side of the tape; leave an adhesive border around the sides of the corner. Repeat with the parallel corner so that just the bottom edge of the triangle has adhesive. Roll the tape and fit the tube onto a straw stem. Continue making the triangles, attaching them around the center of the rose with the sticky edge. Continue to build your flower until it is full.


  • Duct tape belts are a functional and fashionable accessory that are easy to make. For a basic belt, cut a strip of duct tape double plus 6 inches longer than the circumference of your waist. Fold the duct tape over so that the adhesive sides meet, leaving 6 inches off of one edge. Slide two key chain rings onto the end and then fold the 6-inch piece over. To secure the belt, slide the end of the belt through both rings and then around the top ring before pulling it through the bottom ring.

    To create a more interesting belt, create several duct tape threads by cutting three thin strips of duct tape three times the length of the circumference of your waist. Tie the strips into a knot at the top before beginning to braid the strips. Stop the braid 6 inches from the end; secure the braid with a piece of duct tape. Simply knot the belt around your waist to secure it, leaving the excess strands hanging.

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